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What Should You Consider in Purchasing a Concret Mixer Truck?

If you’re purchasing a concrete mixer truck for the first time, it’s important to acknowledge the challenge it presents; the idea of which is for you to ensure you’re getting the most out of this rather pricey investment. In other words, you need to come up with a comprehensive plan, which includes doing research about mixer trucks in general. With this in mind, you must know all the details, including the ones you don’t think matters. Keep in mind that it’s never like purchasing a car; there is more to buying a concrete mixer truck because your decision can affect your business or project in major ways.

Seek Expert Advice

Since it is your first time buying a construction equipment like a cement truck mixer, it’s fair to assume that you don’t have expertise in it. Well, it’s also the reason why you’re reading this article right now. But you don’t really need to buy one without arming yourself with information. So, before making any decisions, it is best to ask for expert advice. Fortunately, it can come from so many places. First, go to a market where this type of truck is usually operated. You should talk to persons who are in charge or are tasked to operate the truck.

Learn About the Manufacturers

The reason why it makes sense to learn stuff about concrete mixer truck manufacturers is because you need to know what makes one truck different to another in terms of specifications; accordingly, you want to know if those specs really matter.


As much as you’d want to be confident about the build quality and performance of an equipment designed for industrial use, there’s no denying that equipment flaws and defects will show up from time to time. This suggests that before choosing a place to buy your truck, you have to inquire about the support they are providing. Yes, aftersales service also matters even in the purchase of equipment.

Know the Regulations

The fact that you’re using the concrete mixer truck for industrial or construction purposes means that there always will be local laws and regulations to follow. Just ensure you know the law to avoid breaking any rules or regulations related to both the purchase and use of the truck.

The Engine and Transmission

Lastly, put in as much effort and time as possible in learning the essentials of the truck, most importantly the engine and transmission. For starters, choose a powerful engine that’s enough to perform the type of job you want the truck to perform. At the same time, you also cannot forget about how lightweight the engine is and if it offers good fuel economy. You can then choose a transmission, either manual or automatic, depending on your preference and needs.

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A Quick Overlook of Services – Your Cheatsheet