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Information Concerning the Treatment of Vaginal Dryness

A urogynecologist is a professional who has knowledge of both the female reproductive system and also the urinary system. When simply put, a urogynecologist handles the urinary system and pelvic issues of women. Urogynecologists have skills in gynecology and obstetrics and have more knowledge on assessment and treatment of issues that affect female pelvic organs. The training is important such that it allows them to assist women with non-surgical and surgical treatment of gynecologic issues that arise after childbirth, due to aging or menopause. The role that gynecologists play is important because there is a significant number of women that benefit from their services. From previous surveys, it is true that those women who suffer from problems related to pelvic organs are more than those suffering from the common problems such as depression, hypertension or diabetes.

Urinary incontinence, fecal uncontrol, vaginal dryness, bulging of the bladder and falling of the uterus are some of the pelvic floor issues that are treated by gynecologists. The falling of the female organs on the pelvic section does not happen fast, but slowly as the woman ages. Damage to the pelvic floor means that there is accompanies incontinence. During and after menopause is when many women have dryness in their vagina, and this can be categorized between the ages of forty and fifty. The other group of women who are likely to be affected by this condition are those that are undergoing hormonal replacement, those who are pregnant and those who are breastfeeding. There are many ways in which vaginal dryness can be treated although some other factors such as stress and anxiety have also be found to cause vaginal dryness problem.

Care needs to be observed when one has vaginal dryness because there are dire consequences that they go through like susceptibility to yeast infections, painful sexual intercourse that can lead to bleeding and burning and itching around the female organ area. Women who have vaginal dryness avoid intimacy and that leads to issues such as loss of libido and issues in a relationship. A variety of signs can show that the female genital area requires some moistening. As a woman, there is no need to worry since there are different remedy measures that can be taken in moistening the female genital area. You need to use herbal lubricants, increase intake of water and use the right soap when you have vaginal dryness.

There are also different areas that can be used to treat some of these conditions, and these can be categorized into pharmacological, behavioral and surgical. Before resorting to the use of surgery, a majority of doctors try to see if the behavioral variations such as diet and exercise can solve the current situation. If you want to know that a urogynecologist has more experience, then you need to look at their number of years.
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