Notable Victories Of Aric Cramer

Aric Cramer is a criminal defense attorney in St. George, Utah. He has represented clients accused of white collar crimes, DUI, rape and sexual assault, and even homicide, and he has won some notable victories over the years. The following are some highlights of his successful career.

Doctor Shopping

In one case, Mr. Cramer’s client was stopped by the police and arrested on an outstanding warrant. Even though she didn’t give permission, the police officer emptied her purse and found some prescription pill bottles belonging to both the client and her spouse. The officer decided the client was obtaining illegal prescriptions and turned the case over to the drug task force. They were charged with doctor shopping and intent to distribute, but the court threw out the evidence when it was demonstrated the police officer had no legitimate reason to perform the search.

Drug Charges In Federal Court

Most federal court cases are settled with a plea bargain but, in this case, a jury returned a “not guilty” verdict. The client had offered to provide transportation across state lines for a friend. The friend borrowed the vehicle the night before the trip, and when they were stopped the next day by the police, the officer discovered three pounds of methamphetamine hidden in the driver’s side panels. The client swore he knew nothing about the drugs and, ultimately, no evidence could tie him to it. The only prints found were those of the other man.

Immigration Case In Federal Court

Mr. Cramer defended an illegal immigrant who was turned in to federal immigration authorities by a former employer. The client had originally left Mexico to escape the drug cartels that eventually murdered most of his family. After some early trouble with the law in the U.S., he went on to become a productive worker and responsible family man. When the judge heard all of the facts about the man’s life, he gave the man a reduced sentence for the minimum amount of time allowed.

While Mr. Cramer typically devotes about 10% of his time to litigation, he is always ready to go to trial if that is what his client needs. He is passionately committed to defending his clients.