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Important Things To Look Into when Choosing a Slow Cooker

Slow cookers are perfect kitchen appliances an individual can use to save energy and time. Their ability to keep a meal ready for serving while one is away from home makes many individuals happy. They are applicable to people of all kind and a specific purchase is influenced by a number of elements. The common features to consider when buying these cookers are discussed in the article to help you in your purchase.

Programmable cooking time: This is a must-have for anyone who plans on cooking away from home at some point. After food is cooked for a certain set duration, the cooker changes its settings to discontinue cooking but keep the food warm.

Temperature Control Settings: These are the configurations responsible for controlling different cooking temperatures for various foods. Slow cookers come in three types of control; simply on and off settings, cookers with high, low, warm and off settings, and cookers which allow one to set actual temperatures settings for cooking. The choice of a cooker varies with the type of food one would like to prepare.

Cooking probes: they closely relate to cooking controls and are handy for large chunks of meat and whole chickens. The usually go through a lid of the cooker into the meat and reduce the preparation heat to ‘warm’ when the meat reaches the internal temperature it is supposed to.

Inserts: Most slow cookers use ceramic inserts as a standard while others use aluminum inserts. None of them is completely superior over the other; the choice for each is dependent on a person’s preference. However, ceramic inserts are known to improve the taste of food and they are easier to clean.

Lids: the two types of lids used on slow cookers are glass and plastic. Glass lids are able to lock down and make it easy to transport food. Plastic lids get foggy over time and make it hard to see the content of the cooker prompting one to keep lifting the lid. The flavor of the food is thus compromised because part of it gets lost as the lid keeps opening.

Size: it majorly contributes to the type of cooker to be selected. The purpose of a slow cooker determines the size which one needs to buy, for example, cookers for making soups or food for a single person don’t need to be large. Big cookers are best suited for a large portion of food for bigger numbers of people.

Shape: Slow cookers come in different shapes for a reason. Round shaped cookers are suitable for soups, stews, and sauces while the oval-shaped cookers are good for chicken, large meat cuts, and pot roasts.

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