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Car Transportation Service Options

When you are any of these – season traveler, car dealer, or plan to move house – you will definitely make effort to get in touch with a car transportation company which is into the long-standing business of offering various types of car transport services to suit your specific needs, such as open air service, enclosed transport, terminal to terminal, door to door, luxury, exotic and high end services, and electric vehicle shipping. It is good to know the different kinds of service features in transporting cars so you will understand that each price option is due to the extra careful handling and the attention to details given to ensure a safe delivery of your car.

For those who are looking for some cost-effective measure of relocating their car, they normally will book their car into an open air transportation services, because this type of service is basically of the cheaper price as your car will be loaded into a multi-car carrier along with other cars. A primary drawback for open air transport is the effect on the cars from the weather and road conditions when they are in the transit process.

The enclosed auto transport service helps to shield cars from the mentioned elements and customers, who value their cars, would rather have this service even if it commands a higher price than the open air transport type. There are two kinds of enclosed car transport, the soft-sided which uses a canvas to cover the cars from the elements, especially on damages from small rocks, wind and rain, and the hard-sided which completely encloses the cars from any form of travel elements, sealing them from the outside inconveniences. Additional services provided for hard-sided type of enclosed car transport to ensure the best possible protection, especially for luxury or high-end cars are – air ride suspension to ensure for a smoother ride, wall and floor mounted brackets, covered interior and exterior, hydraulic lift gate for loading and unloading, and drip guards to prevent possible leaks.

The terminal to terminal car shipment is often the best option that a car transport company will offer to its general customers as costs are affordable and the company restricts its shipment because this service obliges the customers to drop off and pick up their cars to terminal locations that are maintained by the company. In certain areas where company terminals are not available, then the door to door transport is recommended, which will cost more, as your car will be picked up from your place and drop it off at a location that you will specify. In all of these mention services, one must also know that a car insurance is required from the customer which can be considered a package offer from the car transport company or the customer can bring in a third party carrier to handle this matter.

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