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Why Sell Your House to a Home Investor?

Much has been said about how you shouldn’t be dealing with investors when you’re planning to sell your home, but why is it that so many people still do? The traditional route when it comes to home selling is by listing it with a realtor, who in turn will be responsible for putting the word out to the market. But while it’s a proven way to sell your property, there is no denying it’s a very time-consuming process; and even though you probably will find a buyer for a price that’s near your expectations, you’re not really getting clean cash since you’ll have to cover a lot of costs, too.

No thanks to the fact that home sellers are required to cover both the commission of the realtor and the repair costs of the property, more and more people are now realizing that it’s better to deal with investors instead; investors who are willing to pay cash for your property without requiring you to fix it first or deal with you through a real estate agent.

Here’s a bunch of reasons why you must give this option a serious thought:

1. If you’re in a hurry, then this is your best option.

It’s safe to bet that you already know how long it takes to sell a home when you list it with a realtor. You never should expect your home to be sold within six months. This does not even talk about the waiting period for a potential buyer to apply and get approved for a mortgage loan. But if you deal with an investor who intends to buy your property with cash, there no longer is a need to go through the usual process like listing your home or even waiting for the buyer to get a loan approved.

2 – You’re not supposed to spend money in selling your home.

One of the greatest ironies of selling a home in a traditional real estate market is that you most likely will be compelled to shell out some cash to cover repairs. But sell it to an investor and you won’t be required to fix anything since the very concept is to buy a home in its current condition.

3 – You don’t have to pay for commissions.

In the conventional setting of selling a home, you hire a real estate agent to do the heavy lifting for you. With this in mind, it is only fitting to pay for that agent’s effort, and this is done by way of commission fees. For the most part, you will have to pay the realtor 6% of the selling price of the house. Simply put, you’re not getting all the money based on the selling price. But because there are no realtors involved when you negotiate directly with a cash buyer, it means you are getting the money in full based on the agreed upon selling price.

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