Starting a business in the Bronx can sometimes be challenging. The area has so much to offer and doesn’t leave much of a place for business to thrive that hasn’t been covered. You can walk a block and see a pizza place, vacuum cleaner repair, grocery, and even a rental place. There is something for everyone in the Bronx, but one thing. There is not a place to get a HVAC in Bronx. I know this because I have lived in the area all my life and haven’t been able to have anyone come and repair one that was broken.

When I realized this, I decided to start my own HVAC business in the Bronx. At first it was slow, but business soon picked up when they heard about my good service and cheap repair work. I was getting calls all of the time. On of the more memorable ones was this little elderly woman that called due to hearing noises in her vents. Turned out, it was just a small piece of plastic bag that had somehow fell in the hole and flapped on the vent.

Not all of the clients were that easy to take care of. We’ve had people call in that their system really seemed like it had seen better days and had been ran over by a car. It was just an older system that no one had checked on in a long time. The way the client got it fixed was by taking a broom to it and whacking it a few times. I told him “Well, that’s one way to fix it.” We ended up setting him up with a whole new system and told him not to beat on it with a broom.

I could tell all kinds of stories about HVAC in the Bronx. One thing is for sure though, the area needed a good service that would help the area. I know there are a lot of other HVAC services now and am proud to have been one of the first to service the area!