7 hijab trends during the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic, which has been going on for almost two years, has changed people’s habits and lifestyles. Various products were issued to meet the needs of Muslim women, in order to prevent the transmission of COVID-19.

Including the Indonesian hijab online shop that adapts and innovates to make useful products during the pandemic. This hijab product that was released also became a trend during the pandemic.

Like the hijab that has a cover on the mouth, instant Hijab that is used while at home and many more. At the end of last year the Hijab trend during the pandemic. Here’s the review

1. Khimar Mask

A cloth mask is one of the personal protective equipment to cover the nose and mouth, in order to comply with health protocols. To make it look simple, online stores also make hijabs that are already integrated with masks.

This hijab makes the wearer feel safe and protected, even though the initial layer should use a medical mask This hijab mask has become a hit since the COVID-19 pandemic. Generally, hijab masks are made with a khimar model and use cotton or jersey material that falls and absorbs sweat when worn. The sizes also vary which are sold by local online shops.

2 Hijab Holes Wear Earloop Mask

For those of you who like to wear earloop masks or masks that are attached to the ears, local online stores answer that need. There are various catalogs that sell hijabs that have holes in the ears, so you can wear hijab earloop without using a hijab connector.

This instant hijab with a hole in the ear is available in the form of bergo and pashmina with a wide choice of colors and sizes. Unisma You don’t have to bother opening the hijab to wear an Read More ...