Too much and too little, both dangerous.

Yes, when talking about global warming. Human activities have been more complex and, sad to say, harmful to the environment.

As you can see, polluting the planet has been a common sight nowadays. Starting from the fumes coming from cars, factories and the like wreaking havoc to our Earth. Universitas Swasta di Bandung  The atmosphere becomes hotter and hotter, ice caps melting, oceans rising, low- lying areas, especially coastal countries, may suffer tsunami and other calamities, or worse, be submerged to water, and be totally erase from the map. Good thing, with varied initiatives around being in effect for some time now could definitely help address myriad problems.

Here are wisdom we could think about and start doing something, even in our little ways.


1. Ignorance

Who would want to go back to normal when such had been futile, environment-wise? COVID-19 pandemic has been a wake-up call to us all. That, in every thing we do to our planet, we will definitely get a redound. We sow ignorance, we reap destructions. Solution? Invest in education. Let us be all get educated on climate literacy and, from this, ripple effects could be felt by all in due time, even future generations.

2. Greed

Everybody’s getting materialistic? Perhaps. With materially deprived people when they were young or what, hoarding things disorder occurs to them; we see destructions as products of their selfish actions then. Poachers, slush/burn people eking out a living in hinterlands, politicians amassing wealth, indifferent people around who do not care about the environment, to mention a few, could defeat the purpose of bringing back to old glory the environment we have today. However, it would be a tough job. Getting back to our roots where people live simply and contentedly could teach us wisdom related to our current chaos.


1. Care/Ubuntu

With desire not hurting people and the environment, a good person won’t do things in excess. Yes, before one could do something bad say, ravaging forest and oceans for produce or products for consumption purposes, one must stop and reflect, then there is less chance of getting those natural resources to an exhausted level and leave future generation in scarcity.

2. Moderation

Using natural resources with responsibility means using them according to our needs, not greed. Anything in excess, say unhampered cutting down of tees would definitely result to destruction of wild animals habitat. Look what happened to our planet due to over pollution, wanton use of chemicals in farming and fishing activities, and other irresponsible acts. We are now apprehensively groping for solutions.

So there you have it. These wisdom could really be the key toward our quest for livable earth where everything is in right balance, nothing is in excess, or less.