General Motors, through its GM Energy business unit, on Thursday started selling products to let people power their homes using their GM electric vehicles.

GM said these new products could mitigate weather-related power outages and integrate with future clean energy products to boost personal grid resiliency.

The products are being sold in bundles and accessible through current GM mobile brand apps, allowing customers to manage the transfer of stored energy between applicable and connected GM Energy products.

“We believe our EVs will afford customers ways to use that excess energy from their EV to power their home,” said Aseem Kapur, chief revenue officer for GM Energy. “In certain cases, such as Texas where the grid incentivizes that, they can take advantage of that and save money.”

GM Energy's new Ultium Home products seen here with the 2024 Chevy Silverado EV.

Here are the products that are available with GM Energy:

  • GM Energy PowerShift charger: A bidirectional charger for $1,699.
  • GM Energy V2H (vehicle-to-home) Enablement kit: Includes the bidirectional charger and an inverter, home hub and a dark start battery for $5,600.
  • GM Energy V2H Bundle: This includes the GM Energy Enablement Kit and the bidirectional charger all in one for $7,300.
  • Installation service: GM Energy will refer customers to Qmerit, which will provide an installation quote for any of the products based on location, energy usage and additional factors.


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