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24-year-old Jacob Jetton 

PADUCAH — The owner of a pet cremation business in Paducah is facing multiple charges after deputies say they discovered several decomposing animals in his vehicle, clients expressed concern they weren’t receiving their pet’s remains, and he was found to be operating without a McCracken County business license. 

According to a release from the McCracken County Sheriff’s Office, on May 9, a concerned citizen called to report a foul odor had been emanating from 24-year-old Jacob Jetton’s vehicle for a “considerable amount of time.”

Jetton is the owner of Paws to Remember, a pet cremation service in Lone Oak.

He also briefly ran in the election for McCracken County Coroner in 2022, but withdrew from the race.

The caller was reportedly concerned that Jetton had deceased pets in his vehicle, and may have been improperly disposing of them. 

Deputies say when they went to the business — which is located on Lone Oak Road — they immediately smelled the foul odor. 

Other business owners in the area told deputies their customers were complaining about the smell.

Deputies say they, in partnership with McCracken County Animal Control, found eight deceased animals in Jetton’s vehicle — all of which are said to have been in “various stages of decomposition.”

Several of them had been given to Jetton for cremation, the release explains. 

Deputies say customers told them they were concerned the remains they received from Jetton weren’t actually the remains of their pets.

One woman, who says she sent her yorkie to Jetton for cremation “not to long ago,” shared her experience with the business on social media. 

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During the course of investigation, deputies also discovered Jetton did not have a McCracken County Business License. 

According to the release, deputies consulted with McCracken County Animal Control, McCracken County Code Enforcement, and the McCracken County Attorney’s Office regarding their findings and complaints. 

On May 9, Jetton was arrested on the following charges:

  • Disorderly conduct first-degree
  • Not having a license 
  • Local ordinance violations 
  • Failure to notify address change to the Department of Transportation

Deputies say they continued their investigation, and on May 10, obtained a search warrant for Jetton’s home, and another home. 

They determined he had not been cremating the pets he was entrusted with.

Following this discovery, deputies arrested Jetton again and charged him with two counts of theft by deception over $1,000 and less than $10,000. 

He was lodged in the McCracken County Regional Jail both times, the release explains.

The sheriff’s office says during the investigation, they “fielded numerous complaints regarding Jetton and at least two businesses that he operated.”

Typically, when a customer believes they have not received a service they paid for, it is a civil issue that “must be settled between the customer and business or in a civil suit.”

In this case, however, deputies ask anyone who is concerned about either not receiving a service they paid Jetton for, or not receiving what was contracted, to call them at (270) 444-4719. 

McCracken County Coroner Amanda Melton has reportedly coordinated with Lindsey Funeral Home, who is offering their pet cremation services in order to give pet owners some consolation. 

Despite Jetton’s arrest, a Paws to Remember Facebook page — which links to the Lone Oak Paws to Remember website and shares the address of the business — appears to have remained active throughout the arrests.

One post, reading “Trust…something that you can only count on by using Paws to remember,” was posted on May 10, the day of Jetton’s second arrest. 

Paws to Remember

This photo was posted to the Facebook page that appears to belong to the business in question on May 10, the day of Jetton’s second arrest. 

Both the business website and Facebook page were taken down shortly after this article was posted. 

According to the Kentucky Courts of Justice website, Jetton had two arraignments scheduled: one at 10:30 a.m. on May 11 and one at 9 a.m. on May 30. 

Deputies say this investigation is ongoing. 

Local 6’s Blaine McDonald is looking into this incident and will have more on this story on May 12.


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