Patna: It is not only that humans are feeling the intense heat but our animal friends are even more at the receiving end because of the current summer season when temperatures are persistently staying over 40 degrees Celsius in many parts of the state.
The veterinarians suggest that the animals and pets drink sufficient water and that they should be kept in cooler places to avoid heat stress or stroke-like cases.

Pets may feel uneasy due to heat, need special care

Dr Aaditya Kumar of Vets For Pets, a veterinarian, who treats dogs, cats and rabbits at three of his clinics in the capital city, told this newspaper that the said animals are very sensitive to temperatures rising beyond 40 degrees C. “They become extremely uneasy if temperature crosses the said mark and suffer from heatstroke, dehydration, dullness and even mortalities are witnessed in some of them,” he said, adding that around 60-70% of the current cases were related to heatstroke. “The canines and other furry friends need to be given liquid diets and should be kept in cool places to avoid the adverse impact of the dry and hot weather on their health,” Kumar said, who runs his clinics at Kankarbagh, Jagdeo Path and RPS More.
Another veterinarian Dr Bindeshwar Singh, who treats birds and animals, including milch animals, said heatstroke cases in the said beings go up immensely as the temperature keeps crossing 40 degrees Celsius which becomes unbearable for many of the animals. “The owners need to keep their pets near plants or in a cool room with ‘khas’ (the aromatic grass which acts as a natural coolant) around the walls and sand with water sprinkled all over on the ground,” he suggested.
Veterinarian Dr Abhijeet Kumar of Animal Healthcare in the Raja Bazar area said heat stress and heat stroke cases among pets and animals are definitely on the rise due to higher temperatures in April but carefulness on part of the animal lovers can avert the problem from aggravating further. “Animals should be kept in cooler places and travelling also needs to be avoided to the extent possible,” Kumar said, adding that if the situation becomes worse, active cooling methods like using a water sponge on the pets’ bodies can give them relief.
He further said the pets should be fed fruits like watermelon, musk melon, coconut water and mango in ample quantity.

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