A San Diego man is working with a team of volunteers to rescue the pets of those killed or abandoned during the Hamas attack.

SAN DIEGO — There’s so much suffering right now in the war zone due to the Israel-Hamas war.

Now, a San Diego man is dedicating himself to easing just a little bit of it. He’s working with a team of volunteers to rescue the pets of those killed or abandoned during the Hamas attack. Those animals are terrified and alone. 

Israeli soldiers have been trying to take care of them, but now there’s a more organized effort.

“They just had to leave and they had absolutely nothing,” said Lior Kuyr. Kuyr is the CEO Signal Pet. They’ve been connecting volunteers with necessary resources to help the lost, hurt and grieving pets and animals as the war continues. 

Kuyr said of the efforts to help animals in the Middle East, “What the challenges are for the animals now is getting them food. Getting them the basics.”

One of the veterinarian clinics Kuyr and SignalPET is helping is the Negev Veterinary Clinic in Israel. 

For the vet, Galia Shalev and her husband Ziv, helping these animals is deeply personal. 

“Many of these animals are animals I know personally from the time they were like small puppies,” Galia said.

Ziv added, “We know that many animals were left locked in the house because the owners were in a rush. It’s not just getting those animals out of the area. The more important part is getting those animals to their original owners or foster homes.”

That’s why they and a growing band of volunteers are coming together to make sure these animals are safe and taken care of. 

Ziv said of the dire situation, “Animals are very sensitive to loud noises and the bombings in the area are stressful for them. It’s so inspiring to see because you can imagine the feeling of a young child that was waiting for his dog for 7 or 10 days not knowing if the dog was alive. And when they receive the animal it’s so exciting.”

According to The Times of Israel, a new hotline was established this week that will allow people to pass on information about their pets to special task forces. 

Volunteers and workers then carry out rescue operations to bring the animals to a safe location. Ziv says that even in so much tragedy, you can still see helpers helping wherever they can. 

“It’s amazing to see even the soldiers at such a risky time in a risky area, they still have the time and dedication to take care of the animals,” Ziv said.

Galia and Ziv are using an old stable in a safe location to house the animals and care for them until they can be reunited with their families or find new ones. 

So far, Kuyr told CBS 8 he has seen at least 1000 dogs alone who they’re trying to reconnect with families.

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