The article provides a snapshot of the vendors featured in our UC Service Management Marketplace.

As adoption of unified communication (UC) solutions increases, the top UC service management vendors offer crucial support to evolving companies. The rise of more complex communication systems, technology, and business workflows has led to a growing need for solutions that help companies manage and optimize their technology stacks.

The top UC service management vendors, offering various solutions for tracking KPIs, optimizing resource allocation, and unlocking increased values, are taking the world by storm. The challenge for business leaders is finding the right vendor to support them in this age of digital transformation.

Based on our research into countless leading service management companies, we’ve pinpointed some of the top vendors offering unique solutions for UC service management:

  • IR (Prognosis)
  • Akkadian Labs
  • Kurmi Software
  • Nectar
  • Sinch
  • Swoop Datacom
  • UBoss
  • Unimax
  • Virsae
  • VOSS

IR (Prognosis)

IR Research delivers a host of tools to business leaders looking for ways to reduce costs and improve productivity, efficiency, and collaboration. The IR “Prognosis” platform is a vendor agnostic toolkit which supports businesses with a range of tasks, from troubleshooting communication issues, to visualizing data in straightforward dashboards.

It comes with features like Voice Quality 360, to help companies ensure clarity across all communication platforms, as well as automated alerts for essential thresholds. Plus, companies can access comprehensive reports, ready to export into a range of different formats, to help share insights with an entire set of stakeholders.

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Akkadian Labs

Supporting on-premise, UCaaS, and hybrid deployments, Akkadian Labs is emerging as one of the top UC service management companies. The company is committed to helping organizations streamline the provisioning process, increase security, reduce errors, and preserve compliance. With Akkadian Labs’ automated UC provisioning platform, companies can access enhanced migration strategies for new UC technologies, alongside powerful integrations, and APIs.

Akkadian also promises business leaders the opportunity to provide users wherever they are up to 90% faster, while keeping costly errors out of workflows. Combining in-depth insights with tools for intelligent automation, Akkadian supports more than 850 enterprise customers worldwide.

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Kurmi Software

Offering business leaders tools to streamline provisioning, and UC lifecycle management, Kurmi is a leading UC service management vendor for growing companies. More than 2.5 million users already leverage Kurmi’s technology to automate and enhance adoption, deployment, and management for all of their communication tools.

The platform is vendor agnostic, with support for leading solutions from Avaya, Zoom, Microsoft, Cisco, and more. Plus, it comes with powerful reporting features, with a comprehensive admin environment where business leaders and IT teams can monitor crucial metrics. There’s even the option to align and monitor both legacy and cloud-based technologies.

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The Nectar Corporation produces various intelligent products for endpoint analytics, CX assurance, advanced diagnostics, and service management. Nectar’s comprehensive toolkit gives businesses the resources to effectively equip employees with UC tools, monitor and test network connections, and access visibility into remote endpoint performance.

Suitable for use with a variety of leading communication solutions from companies like Microsoft, Zoom, Cisco, and Avaya, the platform comes with various unique features. It offers comprehensive monitoring and alerting tools, reporting and analytics options, as well as real-time troubleshooting capabilities for communication issues.

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A reputable name in the CPaaS landscape, Sinch is another top UC service management vendor, offering comprehensive tools for managing your entire technology stack. Sinch’s customer admin portal makes it easy to provision users, switch features on and off, and access advanced technology with a couple of clicks.

With Sinch’s service management solutions, companies gain access to over 100 customizable communication features, and 24/7 customer support. They can also easily integrate apps into their existing ecosystem, and align different resources from Microsoft, Cisco, and other vendors. Since also offers automation features, to streamline business operations.

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Swoop Datacom

Swoop Datacom was an early entrant to the UC service management landscape, committed to bridging the gaps between resellers, distributers, enterprises, and service providers. With its proprietary ForgeServe platform, the company aims to eliminate a range of UC management challenges, offering a comprehensive overview of the software and device lifecycle.

Within Swoop Datacom’s platform, companies can make quick changes to UC functionality, set up zero-touch provisioning strategies, and access real-time insights. The platform offers comprehensive overviews of service quality, diagnostic tools, and the option to decommission and reallocate devices and licenses in a couple of clicks.

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UBoss stands as one of the top UC service management vendors with its tools for helping companies simplify cloud voice and application adoption, and integration. The company’s various tools give organizations access to a comprehensive ecosystem of communication apps, custom bundles, and add-ons, as well as integrated billing capabilities.

With resources that focus on improving company efficiency and productivity, as well as security and compliance (like toll fraud protection), Uboss addresses countless company needs. The UBoss platform also helps organizations automate various UC management tasks, reducing costs, and improving workplace efficiency.

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The Unimax UC Management software suite assists organizations in managing and administrating UC and telecom systems worldwide. The comprehensive platform includes tools for automating business tasks, updating the technology stack, and provisioning and deprovisioning users. There are also solutions for employee self-service, help desk management, and system migrations.

Unimax’s software is fully compatible with the leading communications systems from well-known vendors like ServiceNow, Microsoft, Avaya, Zoom and Cisco. Plus, it comes with comprehensive reporting and analytical tools built-in. Unimax can also work with brands on implementing their solution, with first-hand demonstrations and technical guidance.

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Businesses around the world leverage Virsae’s UC service management capabilities to simplify the process of provisioning and optimizing communication technology. The platform combines big data with AI-powered analytics, automated workflows, reporting, and instant notifications. Plus, it can bridge the gaps between multiple vendor applications and systems.

Virsae provides access to business continuity tools, capacity tracking systems, and intelligent troubleshooting tools. It can also provide assistance with managing both unified communications and contact center platforms at the same time. Virsae regularly updates its ecosystem with cutting-edge technology, to stay ahead of business needs.

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Another of the top UC service management solutions providers, VOSS offers companies a comprehensive ecosystem for managing all of their contact center, collaboration, and UC processes. The toolkit helps to reduce provisioning times and implementation costs, minimize operating expenses, and increase adoption with automation intelligence.

VOSS’s platform services hundreds of customers around the world, and provides a range of unique tools for vendor transition and migration, user experience optimization, and cost management. Companies can even leverage VOSS solutions like VOSS Insights for intelligent analytics, or VOSS migrate for the transition into new ecosystems.

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