We Had a Flood at the Shop Today

It was pretty easy to see that there had been a pipe burst when I opened the door and it took me about ten minutes to figure out how to shut off the water. I found a bucket to put under the pipe and told the secretary to figure out if we could get an emergency plumber in Essex county NJ to get here and fix the pipes. The supervisor had himself a tantrum when he came in there and found me and the guys from the shop talking about how to clean up the huge mess. They were obviously not going to do their work standing in water and I sure was not going to tell them to do that, but the boss guys seemed not to understand that you can not tell people to do stuff like this. They tried to tell me to make the guys to get started, but I ignored them. Instead we bought some squeegee things, some kitty litter, mops and buckets.

I got a pair of flip flops and some swim trunk from the dollar store and all of my guys stood around laughing at me and taking pictures with their phones. Of course the bosses came out and started yelling about how we were going to have to get back on schedule, telling us how they had promised their customers that the work was going out the door. By lunch time we were ready to start, the plumber had the pipes patched up and we had most all of the water swept out over the loading dock or wrung out of mops into the bucket. However the guys were pretty sore about being yelled at and told to do things that were pretty stupid by people who did not know what they were talking about. They had an extra long lunch for spite.