Do you have a favorite podcast? I asked friends online that question; more specifically: “Do you have a favorite podcast about pets/animals?” I added: “Tell us about podcasts you like and follow—presenter/s, regular guests; name of podcast/link; subject matter, topics of discussions. What do you like about it, why do you recommend it?”


Here are their suggestions of podcasts you might enjoy, too, and the reasons for their recommendations:

Bryn Souza (Connecticut) We just created Pets Add Life with the American Pet Products Association and DOGTV.

Bobbie Bhambree-Wirkmaa (New Jersey)
Worry Less, Wag More: The Behavior Vets Podcast by Ferdie Yau
Cog-Dog Radio by Sarah Stremming


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Em E Wolf (Vermont) Simplifying Shelter Behaviour with Tom Candy
Tom is a multiple-certified behaviorist in Britain who brings easily understandable, evidence-based information for people in the sheltering world. I am in rescue, and far too many underfunded shelters do not have any behavior departments. Behavior issues are the number-one cause of death for dogs under age three (see
AVSAB [American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior] statement), not accidents or disease, yet it goes largely underfunded in our rescue and shelter system. If we can get better, actionable, state-of-the-art information out to the amazing humans working in sheltering and rescue, so many more lives could be saved and/or improved—human lives and the lives of our companion animals.

The Bitey End of the Dog with Michael Shikashio—just amazing. Michael is a renowned global expert on canine aggression, and his podcast features international experts with a deep-dive focus on aggressive behavior in our canine friends, and how to work with it.

Pod To The Rescue with yours truly (Emily Wolf) and Libby Felts, and soon to add Jenni Pfafman as a co-host!

Jessica Theisen de Gonzalez (New York) As someone in sheltering, I absolutely second Pod to the Rescue! It’s a different vector of the animal world, which you handle with empathy.

The Bitey End of the Dog—Mike Shikashio talks to a variety of animal professionals about aggressive concerns in dogs, covering various areas, including dogs and cats cohabiting space, training, and more. He’s curious, open and personable, and often I found myself wanting more information about a topic after the episode.

Laura Bourhenne (California)
Doggie Dish Radio, a dog-training podcast with me and Kim Rinehardt

Bob Riggs (Washington) The Ologies science podcast with Alie Ward has great episodes about animals.

Hilary Lane (Colorado) Pod to the Rescue with Em E Wolf and Libby Felts. The podcasters interview a variety of professional behavior experts to discuss all aspects of adopting, rescuing, and fostering dogs. It’s an educational experience! I like it because I learn something new and practical in every episode. I’ve been in rescue and have been a professional dog trainer since 2002, so I’m always learning. I recommend it because so many dogs are misunderstood and their guardians are frustrated, so this podcast offers quality information to help teach the guardians and fosters how to meet their dogs’ needs, and, in many cases, gives people the motivation to keep dogs in their homes instead of rehoming. It’s great conversation with those in the behavior field.

Erin Saywell (Indiana)
Hannah Branigan’s Drinking from the Toilet
Cog-Dog Radio by Sarah Stremming
Behavior Buzzzzzzz with the 2 Amys (Dr. Amy L. Pike and Dr. Amy Learn)

Alisha Ardiana (California)
The Bitey End of the Dog [Apple iTunes]
Hands-down the best free education you can get on reactive dogs.

Enrichment for the Real World
Wonderful cohosts who really drive home that most unmeet needs are based on a lack of mental stimulation. Enrichment solves so many behavior problems!

Sara Matters (Vermont)
Walking in the Woods with Dogs by Debbie Jacobs [Apple iTunes]
The ABMA [Animal Behavior Management Alliance] podcast.

Shannon Thier (North Carolina) Ryan Cartlidge’s Animal Training Academy

Kim Campbell Thornton (California)
Your Vet Wants You To Know, by Dr. Brittany Lancellotti

I recently listened to many podcasts as a judge for the Steve Dale media award given by EveryCat Health Foundation, and hers was professional, informative, and interesting. She’s a veterinary dermatologist in Los Angeles and interviews many different veterinarians/specialists about a variety of topics.

Also, she won the award unanimously.


Do you follow any of the podcasts mentioned? Are you interested in checking out some of these podcasts that would be new to you? I hope so! 




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